Oh 1Password, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

As business owners, there are so many things we must keep track of; logins, licenses, key documents, credit cards, bank accounts–the list goes for miles. We tried all the pen and paper organizational systems possible. We got sick of trying to track down these vital pieces of information from old planners, file cabinets and random documents on our Macs.

Then, one joyful day, we discovered 1Password. The possibilities seemed endless. And, as we’ve added a decade worth of information into this totally secure, impenetrably encrypted digital wallet, 1Password has not disappointed. Ever. If you like a different product, more power to you. Our experience with 1Password has been better than fantastic so that’s the one we recommend to our clients, friends and family and the tool we’ll talk about in this post.

The Things You’ll Love…

Anytime you wish to login to a website on any device, you can use the built in 1Password plugin to automatically fill your credentials. It’s completely secure, totally convenient, and even works with TouchID on iOS devices. Using 1Password, you’ll never feel the need to reuse the same password for more than one thing ever again! All your passwords can look like this: 3wY!@gXQV@oAt2uM6Wa AND YOU WON’T EVEN CARE! Because you never have to remember them!

We also love the ability to scan or photograph important documents, such as a passport, birth certificate, etc., and then be able to securely access that document from anywhere. It gives great peace of mind to know our vital information is safe and easily found whenever we need it.

Now, let’s talk specifically about a few of our favorite things to track in 1Password:

1 – Backup Identification

This category includes driver’s licenses, passports, Costco cards, library cards, gym membership cards, and all that good stuff. What if your wallet gets stolen or misplaced? How much easier would it be to obtain replacements when you have all the important information right there in your digital wallet? You can create your own categories in 1Password such as “wallet contents” to keep the list handy in case of emergency.

2 – Store Licenses & Key Documents

We keep copies of our business’s city and state licenses in 1Password. We also store IRS documentation and forms (such as Form 1099) there for easy access.

3 – Keep & Access Secure Payment Methods

Easily access your securely stored credit, debit or other payment cards. Keep track of Venmo, PayPal and Apple Pay too. Financial logins for your bank, investments, etc. are all secure and you never need to reuse a password again.

4 – Manage Website Logins

1Password is beautifully integrated with iOS, Mac OS and all of the top web browsers.

5 – Share Information

1Password for teams allows us to share important logins (like FedEx, USPS or other vendor websites) without compromising security (by writing down the login on a sticky note on the front of the computer display). You can create any number of vaults to share info specifically with certain people in your company, like “Marketing Dept” and “Shipping Dept” and “Accounting Dept”. Individuals can be granted access to more than one vault, depending on their role in your company.

And although we’re talking about using 1Password in a business, let us get up on our soap box for a moment: Don’t overlook the importance of using this kind of virtual vault for your family. If something happens to you and you’re incapacitated for any period of time, having access to key information is INVALUABLE to your family. We’ve witnessed numerous occasions where a spouse has passed away unexpectedly and the surviving spouse can’t even access the checking account. It just makes the situation so much harder for the people left behind. We strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to make it easier for loved ones to cope in the event of your absence. It’s so easy to setup a shared vault to give your loved ones access to key information. You don’t have to share everything, but a thoughtful review of what they might need if you’re not available is well worth the doing.

Just Get Started

Hopefully you’re ready to dive in and get your digital assets in order. We usually advise people to just get started by setting up an account and adding bits of info as you use them. Login to your bank, setup a new better password and save it in your vault. In no time you’ll have a big collection of important information in your vault. We are true believers that getting this done should be at the top of your to do list!

If this seems like an overwhelming task or you need help getting started, just let us know how we can help.

– Alicia