This iPad is a brick. It’s locked with the Apple ID of the employee that we fired 6 months ago!”

– Annoyed Business Owner

Our IT guy says Macs just aren’t ‘made for business’ so he won’t help with that pain in the butt networking issue.”

– Unsupported Employee

Employee iPhones are out of control! We’re not sure how secure they are or what they are accessing!”

– Freaked out CFO

Finally take control of your critical business technology!

Mac-O-Rama Powered IT Services for Apple Powered Businesses

Empowered IT

Ready to be the boss?

It’s time for confident control of the Apple and other technology assets that you use to run your business! We’ll make it happen with our thoughtful, thorough management approach.  

Whether you’ve got Macs, iPhones or iPads,  MPowered has the experienced professional team to manage them all! We’re Apple oriented business experts, with vast experience blending Apple devices into mixed environments. 


We start with the basics: Document your technology from A to Z. From network structure and equipment, to credentials and key vendors.


Next, we identify weaknesses, bottlenecks and just plain outdated technologies. We’ll address those issues for trouble-free IT.


Monitoring and management is key to our proactive service. We’ll know when something goes wrong, and resolve it before it’s a headache!


What exactly is Managed IT Service?

The practice of outsourcing, on a proactive basis, information technology processes and functions to improve business operations and reduce expenses. Managed IT service lets us look ahead to prevent issues before they become serious problems. It is a much better alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing models, which are expensive, completely reactive, and only resolve the current crisis you’re experiencing.

Is managed IT expensive?

Depending on your existing setup, there may be an initial investment needed to get your technology up to date and fully functional. We will *always* work with you to make sure that updates and upgrades are completed within your budget and in a time frame that makes sense for you. Once the initial projects are complete, you’ll have technicians, our professional services staff, and your very own virtual CIO on your team to help you maintain trouble free IT and guide you through the changes in technology that effect your company. Hiring all those people separately would be very costly. Our managed service program offers all of these resources for a reasonable monthly fee!

Will managed IT service reduce my business risk?

Absolutely! You’ll have an awesome, broadly experienced team of experts looking at all aspects of your technology. We methodically review, document, disaster-proof and maintain the technology that you rely on to run your business.

How does this compare to regular IT services?

Do you have a full-time IT staff member who not only keeps everything working, but also takes the time to plan ahead for your future technology needs come up with process innovations to more smoothly integrate your existing tech with your business needs? Do you know where or how to locate key information about the systems and resources that you need to run your business? If that IT person was suddenly unavailable, would your business be fine or would it run into roadblocks immediately?

We are all about transparency, documentation, and explaining complex subjects in regular human words, so that you understand what is happening with your technology. A managed IT approach is a great option for you if you can’t afford or don’t want a full-time IT department for your business. If the thought of your technology crashing tightens your chest, or if you aren’t sure if your business could continue without key technology working smoothly, MPowered managed service is the right option for you.

My business is small, is all this really neccessary?

Are you an expert in every aspect of running your business? If you use outside help for taxes, bookkeeping, window washing, or other maintenance tasks, why wouldn’t you use outside help for your technology? Spending time becoming an expert on IT is NOT spending time growing your business. Which would you rather do?

Get some trusted IT advisors on your team. Our services are guaranteed and we don’t require long term contracts. There’s nothing to lose!


With MPowered, what you see is what you get. It’s all right here in black and white (and ok, green).

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